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Tips for vacationers in Egypt!

Tips for going to Egypt! How to bargain, what and when to buy, how to behave – we have collected the most valuable tips.

The country’s national currency is the Egyptian pound. It is equal to one hundred piastres. It is better to go there with dollars or euros. As of November 16, 2016, $ 1 is equivalent to ≈15.15-15.30 Egyptian pounds. It would be nice to have a bank card with you. If there are no ATMs in your vicinity, money can be cashed at any branch of the bank. Most of those in Egypt work from Sunday to Thursday from 8:30 to 14:00. At airports and major ports, financial institutions are open 24 hours. Friday and Saturday are days off. Banks are reluctant to accept $ 100 bills issued before 1992.

A visa can be obtained at the airport – there it will cost you $ 25. If you will rest on the Sinai Peninsula and do not plan to leave it, then a visa for 15 days opens there for free. True, in this case you will not be allowed to leave the peninsula. The validity of the passport must be at least six months at the time of entry.

Many locals living in cities and resorts can please you with something similar to English. In places of tourist congestion, staff almost everywhere can explain in Russian. In hotels where many Russian-speaking tourists stay, all inscriptions and announcements are duplicated in Russian.

All duty free goods must be purchased within 48 hours of arrival. Alcohol without a passport will not be sold.

If you want to call a taxi, the best option would be to ask the reception desk or concierge of your hotel to do this. They always have a couple of taxi drivers with whom they deal daily. Want to catch yourself – please. Only immediately specify the price – at the end of the trip you can avoid disputes with the driver.

Do not drink tap water, do not swim in the Nile. Seriously!

Bathing in the Red Sea, do not touch any of its inhabitants – many of them are poisonous. Do not break corals – for this a fine of up to $ 100. It is better to have special bathing shoes, a mask and a snorkel.

Egypt is a Muslim country, so please respect their faith. Many things that you accept as the norm, such as kissing or caressing your partner in public places, open clothes, are unapproved. Try to be more conservative.

Women in holy places should close their shoulders and arms, exclude short skirts and shorts from the bow.

If you are traveling alone or as a couple and want to arrange a walk yourself, please inform the hotel of your plans before you leave. If you get lost, the hotel will be able to act on your behalf! Also write down the hotel’s phone number.

If you want to organize everything yourself, be prepared for an occasional “fraud.” Like many other tourist destinations, Egypt has its own “wolves” that prey on unsuspecting travelers. Often the total cost of the excursion can be much more than if you organized it through your hotel or travel agent, and much less pleasant.

Almost everywhere in Egypt, a special tourist police is serving. You can always ask for help.

Be careful on the roads and when crossing them. In Egypt, the right-hand traffic, but few people comply with traffic rules. Take extra care in Cairo, where traffic is crazy.

Buy and drink plenty of water. It is much cheaper at various stores than at your hotel or on a cruise boat.

On Friday afternoon, do not disturb the local people. There will be no affairs until the Friday prayer is served. So do not break the doors of closed stores, but just wait.

We decided to buy something – bargain and be persistent – the price can be decently brought down. Mindfulness will not hurt on excursions – traders of all kinds of junk will lurk you at every step. Do not take anything into your hands, otherwise you will have to pay for it.

Keep your currency and credit cards out of sight while shopping and separate from Egyptian pounds. In this case, it’s easier to bargain for the price if you can show that you have only a few Egyptian pounds at your disposal! Some merchants may insist on paying in $ or £, instead of the local currency, if they see that you have other cash.

Before climbing a camel, be prepared for the fact that saddling an animal will cost one amount, but getting off it will cost another.

Tipping 5% of the bill is the norm. 10 Egyptian pounds per week can be given to the maids at the hotel, giving about 10 per week, to the porter a couple of pounds, a lifter and a doorman – sometimes one pound each.

Be smart in sunbathing. The sun is merciless from 11 to 3 in the afternoon. You will also find that many tours (especially to deserted places) are done either early in the morning or late in the evening. The reason for this is the high temperature in the middle of the day.

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