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Tour to Egypt: Soma Bay Resort Overview

Holidays in Egypt have long become a classic of the tourist genre. And each of the country’s resorts is special. Today we will talk about holidays in the Soma Bay.

You deserve a little bit of all five star
If you want to treat yourself, Soma Bay is the right place. You will have excellent service, luxury 5 * hotels, miles of white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, sun all year round and bright blue sky. And even before Soma Bay it is not so far to fly from the central part of Europe – only four hours.

Soma Bay gives its vacationers the best, observing high quality standards. Many resort hotels are located on the beach. The spacious rooms offer sea views with magnificent beaches, lagoons and waterfalls.

Let your body dissolve in the world famous spa
Cascades Spa & Thalasso Somabay is recognized as the best in Egypt and is one of the largest in the world. Services are deployed on an area of ​​7500 m2 with 65 treatment rooms offering all traditional types of massages, cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, hydrotherapy.

Central to the spa at this hotel is Thalasso-Tonic, a hydrotherapy pool. 750 m2 is filled with 830 m3 of sea water. It is divided into a number of zones, each of which is designed to provide comfort, rejuvenate and improve your body.

The repertoire of spa treatments performed by a team of qualified therapists includes spice thalassotherapy. The unique formula combines the healing properties of sea water with exotic aromas and healthy properties of Egyptian spices and herbs.

For those who love golf
The desert is intertwined with life in the resort complex The Cascades Championship Golf Course, where the beautiful contrast of the lush green fields, the azure water of the Red Sea and the desert represent the endless possibilities of the coast. 18 holes, par 72. This is the first outdoor golf course on the west coast of the Red Sea. Golfers of any level will feel comfortable here. One of the greatest golfers in history, Gary Player ranked this field as one of the 55 best spots for playing across the globe in his personal ranking. Over the past few years, The Cascades Championship Golf Course has been recognized as the best golf course outside Europe by Golf Journal readers.

Life in the sea
If you can pull yourself from a magnificent beach, then Soma Bay is ready to offer the best water activities. Diving is an opportunity for beginners and advanced in this business to be amazed at the beautiful marine life and fabulous places. Specially built diving center is one of the largest and well equipped in the Red Sea. And the local diving sites are much less crowded than others in Egypt.

Some say kitesurfing is closest to flying. In Soma Bay, kiting is not a sport – it is a way of life. Spot is one of the three leaders around the world. The terrain provides year-round fantastic conditions for kiting. There is a special well-equipped kiting house that will help you get the most out of the wind. A team of professional instructors will make your ride fun and safe. Training is offered for beginners and advanced kiters with the ability to obtain a mentor level license.

Soma Bay Surf & Sail Center is also at your service. You can start exploring the amazing wind and amazing views of the bay. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailing fanatic, the center is suitable for everyone.

Marine Station
One of the leading yacht marinas on the Red Sea coast in Egypt. Here, commercial and entertainment centers found their place. During the day you can stroll along the alleys and courtyards along the seashore. At night – enjoy all the delights of the reverse side of the day. This place is constantly growing and there are always new ways to have fun. Whether you are looking for the simplicity of beautiful views or the hidden treasures of shops – here is a place for endless possibilities.

Soma Bay is a quiet oasis on the sea: the embodiment of beauty and luxury lies in its impeccably designed hotels and world-class services. This is a favorite place of flight of Europeans and Egyptians, where everyone will find peace and relaxation from the bustle of cities and the stress of everyday life. Time moves slower and every day is really effortless.

With a stunning design of hotels, a choice of restaurants and accommodation, the resort is ready to satisfy any event and offer additional special accents to make your event perfect and unforgettable. Whether it is a business convention or a wedding ceremony in Soma Bay take care of all the details. All you have to do is enjoy.

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