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What Egyptian drinks are worth a try?

Almost every country has something to surprise travelers. And it’s not only about picturesque views, architecture, historical monuments. To better know the culture and traditions of local residents, you should definitely try the local cuisine – food and drinks. Egypt is no exception!

Popular Egyptian drinks
Of course, most tourists associate Egypt with the all-inclusive country, because almost all hotels offer full board, including drinks. Dishes are mainly of European cuisine. But if you want to diversify the “hotel menu”, we tell you what traditional non-alcoholic and alcoholic Egyptian drinks can be tasted while relaxing in the country of the pyramids.

On the African continent, it is Egypt that is the largest consumer of tea, and in the world it occupies 5th place in import. There are a lot of types of this drink, as well as recipes with the addition of different spices.

Helba yellow tea with vanilla, nut and chocolate notes deserves special attention. It should be prepared for the fact that from the first sip the taste will seem strange, but as you get used to it, you begin to experience the pleasure of drinking tea.

In hot weather, they drink white tea, as it perfectly quenches thirst. Hibiscus has a similar effect – a drink from dried hibiscus flowers, which was popular even in the time of the pharaohs. The Egyptians serve it in large glasses, both hot and cold.

Resting in Egypt, you should also try the local coffee – kahwa (qahwa). The thick drink has a unique taste and is actively used for medical purposes, as it contains antioxidants and nutrients. With it, the Egyptians increase endurance, get rid of insomnia and headache.

Asyr Asab
Another popular Egyptian national drink is made from sugarcane. It turns out a very sweet yellow-green juice. Often, it is mixed with fruit juices, which helps to improve the taste of Asyr Asaba.

At popular resorts, local residents organize entertainment for tourists, offering to squeeze the juice on their own using a special crush. But there are no guarantees that the device complies with sanitary standards. In hot climates it is very dangerous. Therefore, if you want to try a drink, buy it at a can in one of the local supermarkets.

It should be understood that Egypt is a Muslim country, there is a strict attitude to alcohol, although there are some exceptions for tourist resorts. Faced with really severe restrictions can only be during Ramadan. But due to the fact that the locals do not drink, the local Egyptian alcoholic drink is not so easy to find. In most cases, alcohol is imported, and many tourists bring it with them at all, buying it in duty free.

Egyptian wines
To make wine in Egypt began before our era. Then it was a cult and expensive drink. Over time, winemaking recipes were lost, and only at the beginning of the twentieth century, production revived.

Today, dry wines are made here, mainly for export and for tourists. Here are some popular options:

Omar Khayyam;
“Cru de Ptolemy”;
“Ruby of Egypt”;
Chateau de Rev

Local beer
In ancient Egypt, beer was drunk almost daily, but today this drink is in demand only among vacationers. Local beer can be found here under the following Al-Ahram Beverage brands:

According to tourists, the taste is rather mediocre. But there are private breweries in the country where they make more delicious beer (Tusker, Luxor trademarks).

Egyptian spirits are not of good quality. For fun, you can try Auld Stag whiskey or 1962 JIM BEAM Black Cleopatra Egyptian, but they will not impress the connoisseur. Of all the local alcohol, only wine really deserves attention. Therefore, it is better to buy drinks in duty-free or order imported alcohol at the hotel.

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