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Favorite Turkey

Kemer is a Mediterranean resort in Turkey with a favorable climate and warm sea. It has an active holiday: surfing, diving, jet skiing, safari, snorkeling … A tourist influx falls on May. Water warms up to + 20 ° C at the beginning of the month, and by the middle is already + 22 ° C … + 23 ° C. The beach period lasts all the way through October. Kemer is the choice of youth, families and active tourists.

Kemer is located in the Mediterranean climate, therefore, clear and warm weather persists throughout the year. In the hottest months (summer), the air thermometer reaches + 33 ° C … + 36 ° C, water – + 25 ° C … + 27 ° C. The coldest month is January, when the daytime temperature is no higher than + 14 ° C. The rainy season is winter.

Kemer’s advantage is beautiful nature, mountain air and the absence of winds. The resort is famous for its clean pebble beaches and clear water. The bottom is clearly visible even at great depths. Some hotels have their own sandy beaches, but you still need to enter the sea on pebbles.

Holidays in Kemer are available to tourists with different financial incomes. There is a developed infrastructure and a lot of entertainment:

sightseeing tours
reptile park
night clubs
gift shops
bike, electric scooter and car rental
walks in the Tauride mountains

Kemer’s beaches are a wide coastline with hotels, shops, restaurants, amusement parks and water parks. You can go down to the sea anywhere. Comfortable slopes are equipped every 100 m.

Moonlight Beach is a coastal strip extending for 320 m. It is strewn with soft sand. Favorable conditions for a “lazy” vacation near the sea are created by nature itself. Greenery on the coast protects against burns and uneven tanning. For the comfort of couples with children, the beach area is equipped with a children’s water park and a dolphinarium. Nearby is a golf course, diving center.

The city beach, located in Kemer, has leisure facilities – umbrellas and sunbeds. Delicious food and drinking water are sold within walking distance. People come here to splash into the sea, get an even tan and enjoy the picturesque pine landscape. Despite the large number of tourists, nature here is always especially cozy.

The beach of the ancient city of Phaselis will appeal to fishermen and lovers to spend time on a yacht. Sea excursions are organized from here. In this part of the resort there are many attractions, historical ruins. Dive into the water with a mask – and see the remains of the port.

The best hotels of Kemer
Maxx Royal Kemer – 5 * hotel with a territory of 160 thousand square meters. m. The entrance to the water is gentle, the beach is strewn with fine stone. The complex consists of a main building, family apartments and villas. Breakfast is buffet style. The restaurants have a varied menu – dishes for children are served, a diet card is presented. The hotel area is equipped with children’s and adult water slides. From entertainment: darts, volleyball, cinema, wellness center, discos.

Crystal De Luxe Resort & Spa is a chic hotel complex on a picturesque beach. The windows of the main part of the apartment overlook the sea. For adults, there are 3 outdoor pools with a children’s area. The villa is located in the center of the resort’s entertaining life. On stage, exclusive shows are shown every evening. The territory is equipped with sports and playgrounds for children, cinemas and billiards are available.

The resort area is surrounded by attractions, but all of them are located beyond the “walking distance”. From Kemer it is very convenient to get to Tahtali Mountain. Each taxi driver will bring to Mount Chimera or the ancient ruins of the cities of Olympus and Phaselis.

We recommend visiting the ethnographic museum “Yoryuk Park”. It is in the open. Children will be interested in the Ecopark with reptiles. A dolphinarium and a huge water park are waiting for vacationers in the very center of the city. Pamukkale Travertines – pools of semi-crystalline white rock with intricate terraces – attract tourists’ attention. There are also thermal springs.

A large tourist bazaar arrives in Kemer every week. In the evenings, the center hosts entertaining shows. Nightclubs regularly host contests and foam parties. Events that are held annually in the midst of the tourist season:…

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