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12 things to do in Istanbul

Most often, a vacation in Istanbul is limited to exploring several attractions, a walk through the markets and beach vacations. The city will open all its secrets only to those who are imbued with its spirit and understand the habits of its inhabitants. With the early booking of tours to Turkey, you can plan in advance an interesting, profitable trip to the former Constantinople and see with your own eyes a city in which eastern and western cultures mix.

We will tell you 12 things that you should definitely do in Istanbul to turn your vacation into a complete adventure.

Take a sailing and sunset on a ferry between two continents

It is especially great to visit Istanbul during a sailing regatta and to visit the boat of one of the participating teams. During the race, sailboats reach speeds of up to 53 km / h. Beautiful landscapes will give a cruise along the Bosphorus. In 5 hours you will see most of the palaces and mosques of the city. If you just want to take a couple of photos from the water, take a ride on a public ferry.

Get lost in Istanbul

Do not build routes, but just wander around the city. So, you will find the most unusual and hidden places, as well as meet interesting people.

Haggle at the Grand Bazaar

Bidding is almost a holy process for Turkish sellers. Always insist on discounts. At the Grand Bazaar you will find many unique things at nice prices.

Feel like a sultan in Turkish baths

After an hour of wiping with a special exfoliating glove (kesa), you will feel cleaner than ever. Drinking tea after the procedure will help to finally relax. Such paradise pleasure costs about $ 50. In conclusion, you can dress up as a sultan in the Galata tower.

Visit the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia

Trust us – this is an incredibly powerful experience. Find a good guide to Hagia Sophia to go all the way around and see the Byzantine mosaic adjacent to Islamic calligraphy. Plan your visit to the Blue Mosque so that you do not get there during prayers.

Visit the tea factory

It was in Istanbul that we learned how tea is made. It turned out that this is a long and painstaking process that has been improved over a thousand years. The Black Sea region is a great place to see production in action. It seems that tea in Istanbul is drunk everywhere and that’s it. Be sure to try apple, pomegranate and black varieties of it.

Cross the Turkish Alps on the Black Sea

One of the exciting reasons to buy a tour to Istanbul is the opportunity to climb to a height of more than two kilometers and spend the night there. For this adventure, head from Istanbul to the Ayder Valley. There you can drink water from clean streams, eat mountain honey and enjoy the beauties of nature.

See the medieval Zilkale Castle in Storm Valley

As you approach, it seems that this castle appears from behind the clouds. After exploring it, you will certainly want to try the Turkish cheese fondue. Do not give up this idea, because this delicacy is divine.

Visit the “bird village” and listen to the ancient whistling language

Kuşköy is pretty hard to get to, but it’s worth it. The village is located in the mountains between the cities of Trabzon and Giresun. For centuries, its inhabitants have used the whistling language (Kush Dili), imitating the melodic intonations of the Turkish language. It allows you to communicate over long distances. A man a few kilometers away from us on a hilltop was jumping in a circle on one foot in response to our whistle.

Tame a hawk

For hundreds of years, these beautiful and proud birds have hunted in the Turkish mountains. Every year, locals catch hawks and train. After a few months, they are returned to the natural environment so that they remain wild.

Go to the Prince Islands

These are placers of small patches of land in the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is on the Princes’ Islands that the best viewing platforms are located, allowing to evaluate the scale of Istanbul. Yes, and walking on them is a pleasure: shady streets, fresh wind and no noise from cars.

Visit the Topkapi Palace

For four hundred years the sultans lived here with their concubines. It was a time of intrigue, shortsightedness, excesses and diplomatic wars. The chic palace complex will reveal to you all the secrets of the harems.

At different times in history, Persians, Greeks, Venetians, and Romans tried to conquer Istanbul. The city has always proudly and violently met enemies. Today, the Turkish pearl tirelessly wins our hearts and welcomes guests. Istanbul is worthy of your attention!

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