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Places to visit in Paris

What do we know about Paris? The Eiffel Tower, the scents of French perfumes, the romantic Seine, the edible legs of frogs in a delicious sauce, the majestic Arc de Triomphe … And you can really go on forever! In this article I propose to get acquainted with the most interesting places in Paris, which will leave in the soul irrefutable evidence that there is a place for magic in life. And then translate what you read into reality!

Paris is similar at the same time to the beautiful Esmeralda and the ugly Hunchback. Like her, Paris is also flirtatious, beautiful, radiates uncontrollable energy and is full of mysteries, but, next to this magnificence, the same feelings slip as when looking at the notorious Hunchback from Notre Dame: I want to turn away, not to notice its flaws – trashy outskirts, or gloomy gateways. First tip: try not to spoil your impression of the city … better plunge into the melodious sounds of street music, enjoy a glass of French wine and allow yourself to drown in the bright colors of Paris.

Notre Dame Cathedral
Since I mentioned the heroes of the famous novel Notre Dame de Paris, we will designate this place as number one. The closer you get to Notre Dame de Paris, the more and more the cathedral opens its stone, cold embrace, in which, however, one wants to drown. An amazing property – around hundreds or even thousands of people, such as yourself, but it seems that you are alone and this greatness is only for you alone, it is so exciting! It must be circumvented to be seen from all angles, because each, absolutely every detail, stucco molding, sculpture is unique, as if they protect the peace of the majestic cathedral.

The Eiffel Tower
Without a doubt, the next iconic place in Paris is the famous Eiffel Tower. It takes your breath away when you leave Champ de Mars metro station and you see only its spire … and then it appears all, huge, majestic! Many, many tourists around. The lines to climb it are large enough (although, perhaps, in winter and late autumn, they are reduced). If you have a lot of time, be sure to do it, if not, believe me, emotions, and without this there will be a whole ocean. Later I will tell you where it will be free and without queues to see a full-scale panorama of the city. Street vendors scurry around for souvenirs and a bottle of champagne. Tip: buy it in advance at the supermarket and take it with you for a walk to the Eiffel Tower, as prices from agile traders are unreasonably high. Paris is a city of pleasure. Enjoy a sparkling glass of champagne at one of the most romantic places in romantic Paris.

As with the beautiful lover, the Eiffel Tower needs to spend not only a bright day, but also a magical night. Be sure to take the time to return here when it gets dark and millions of lights will envelop the dark silhouette of the Tower. The main backlight turns on after dark, additional flickering lights light up every hour.

The Statue of Liberty
Another interesting place in Paris, I will mark the Statue of Liberty. There is still no chance to visit New York, you can see a piece of it in Paris! After all, the famous Statue comes precisely from Paris, it was a gift for the United States on the occasion of the centenary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. So where does its small copy in Paris come from, you ask? She became the return gift of the American diaspora. A copy is located near the Eiffel Tower. The path to it leads through a small artificial dam, called Swan Island. Statue of Liberty against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, is not this a miracle?

Paris business district
Very close, behind the bridge, is the business district of La Défense. High-rise skyscrapers, quaint urban buildings adorn its streets. What is not a piece of Dubai in Paris.

The louvre museum
Of course, the Louvre deserves special attention. You will recognize it by the huge glass pyramid, which unusually sparkles in the dark. Beautiful, large and busy square. But the main treasures are inside … Who knows, maybe it’s you who will solve the secret of Mona Lisa’s smile?

Parisian cafes are an integral part of the city
After a long walk, of course, you need to regain strength and try frog legs, French meat and a sweet cream brulee dessert. I recommend to go to the Latin Quarter and take a little walk along the narrow French streets and go to one of the cozy cafes. Do not worry, even if you suddenly look at the life boiling around and turn off the wrong way, because Parisians are very friendly and will always tell the way to those who have gone astray. Why exactly here? In addition to fairly good prices, there is the opportunity to take the so-called “complex lunch” from 10 euros per person and above, which can include three dishes to choose from (I wrote the composition of those that I recommend you definitely try). Bon Appetit!

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