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Where is it better to relax in Cyprus?

The mysterious small island has a mild Mediterranean climate, so the swimming season here lasts 7 months. There is even more time to sunbathe in the sun, and you can get acquainted with many historical secrets all year round. Where is the best place to relax in Cyprus and which resort to choose for the full experience? Useful tips below.

Family holidays on the island
Frequent guests of the island are family tourists who are attracted by a wide selection of apartments and high quality services in resorts of all star levels. In addition to the warm climate, the proximity of the resorts to the airports also encourages the trip.

Water parks are located near major tourist cities: Ayia Napa – Water World, in Limassol – Fasouri Watermania, in Paphos – Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark. There are entertainment centers, botanical gardens, an ice rink and various museums.

Sandy beaches, where it is better to relax in Cyprus with a child, in most cases have the Blue Flag mark and a safe entrance to the sea. The best of them are in Protaras and Ayia Napa. In Larnaca, the coastal zone is less picturesque, but also suitable for hanging out with kids.

Rest in Cyprus in the summer
The majority of vacationers travel to the island in the summer, to which the second half of spring is conditionally referred. You can take sun baths in April, when the air temperature is close to +25 ° C. By May, the seawater is warming up to comfortable +20 ° С … + 22 ° С.

Where in Cyprus is it better to relax in the summer? Thanks to the dry climate and breeze, the heat of July and August, sometimes reaching +35 ° С … + 40 ° С, is easily tolerated in all resorts. Despite the intense sun, summer is a high season.

The coolest places on the coast are Paphos and Limassol, which are characterized by the following air temperatures: in June – +27 ° C … + 28 ° C, in July and August – +29 ° C … + 30 ° C. The sea has identical indicators – from +24 ° С at the beginning of the season and up to +28 ° С – at the end. In Ayia Napa in the middle of summer – +32 ° С, in Larnaca several degrees lower – +29 ° С.

If you are looking for where in Cyprus it is better to relax with children in order to save money, choose Limassol, Protaras and Larnaca. A family tour with one child will cost 1100–1300 USD with a weekly stay in a three-star hotel and breakfast. In Ayia Napa, the start of the ticket price for similar parameters is from 1500 USD.

In summer, tourists actively scuba dive to sunken ships, swim with a mask, catch waves on a kite or surf, ride pleasure boats and canoes, visit aqua, zoo and amusement parks. A variety of fun holidays, like the Beer Festival, also allows you to have fun on vacation on the island.

Winter holidays in Cyprus
And where in Cyprus is better to relax in the winter? The climate allows you to visit the small ski resorts of Cyprus – Troodos, Prodromos, Olympus and Platres with good tourist infrastructure. From December to March, the mountain peaks are covered with snow. The trip is accompanied mainly by sunny weather.

The coldest months are December and January, when the daily norm of air for mountains is within +6 ° С … + 10 ° С, for resorts on the coast – +15 ° С … + 18 ° C.

Skiing here is not the main way of entertainment, therefore it is better to combine it with other types of recreation. In the winter season you can see flocks of exotic birds flying to the lakes of Limassol and Larnaca, including pink flamingos.

The weather is ideal for visiting museums, monasteries and fortresses. Winter is a shopping time for which Nicosia and Limassol are suitable. You can go on a sea cruise or hunt for octopuses off the coast of Paphos and Ayia Napa. And it is better to enjoy a beautiful view of the sea from the coast of Polis and Protaras.

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