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Holidays in Egypt for the New Year
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The best beaches of Hurghada
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The best dishes of the East: where to go for new experiences

Countries of the East – a tidbit for tourists. And not only in the figurative sense, but also in the direct. Indeed, in addition to the sights that preserve centuries-old secrets, exotic nature and color, there is a fantastic tasty cuisine. And if you want to get a vivid taste experience – you should definitely buy a tour to Israel, the UAE or Egypt with a flight from Kiev. In these countries, they prepare food with meaning, mixed in ancient traditions and legends.


A dish based on grated chickpeas, which add tahini and all kinds of spices to taste. It is rightly called the gastronomic “calling card” of Israel. Traditionally, hummus is used as a snack – spread on fresh pita bread or matzoh, which goes well with it. There are a million variations in the preparation of this dish, the same principle applies here as with our borsch – each mistress has her own secret recipe. Therefore, it is definitely worth trying it in different places to add up a complete impression.

Where to try: Abu Shukri, Jerusalem, Israel.


This Arabian pizza variation is definitely worth a trip to the UAE. A round cake, sprinkled with meat, cheese and herbs, managed to win many hearts. It is ideal for a hearty breakfast, which will give strength for the whole day, as well as for lunch or dinner. Tourists love manakes for the speed of cooking, nutrition and incredible taste.

Where to try: Al Hallab, Dubai, OAU.

Full medames

Beans simmered in an oven, seasoned with olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and herbs. This Egyptian dish attracts with its pleasant texture and good combination of ingredients, but you need to be careful with it because of its high satiety. Full is recommended for breakfast or lunch, but it is extremely undesirable for them to have dinner – too hard a test for digestion. But in the morning, before a many-hour sightseeing tour, it will become a real salvation.

Where to try: The Pavilion Downtown Dubai Cafe, Dubai, UAE.


Another traditional Israeli dish is fried balls of chickpea paste mixed with herbs. Today, this food is well known to Ukrainians and has become popular among vegans. Due to its high protein content, it can replace meat foods. And if you wrap these crunchy balls in pita or pita bread, add vegetables and sesame sauce – then you don’t want to think about hamburgers with hot dogs. This is how hummus is served in Jordan, Egypt and other eastern countries.

Where to try it: Books @ Cafe, Jordan.


Vegan dish, from which even the most ardent meat eaters are grinded. A mixture of parsley, mint, bulgur, onions and tomatoes gives rise to a truly magical combination. An ideal solution for those who do not want to gain extra pounds on vacation. This diet salad falls in love with the first spoon, so many tourists who have visited the eastern countries, on their return, enter it into their regular diet.

Where to try it: Cairo Restaurant, Jordan.

Umm ali

Incredibly delicious Egyptian pudding. It is prepared from dough soaked in milk and cream with the addition of raisins, nuts, vanilla and even condensed milk. In the role of the basis can be used a variety of types of dough – croissants, for example. Yes, this is very satisfying and high-calorie, but for the sake of such a dessert you can give up a diet, because it is simply cosmically delicious. For his sake, he will want to sell his soul to the devil, if only the delicacy in the plate never ends. Fortunately, this does not have to be done – in Egypt, Umm Ali is served in many establishments.

Where to try it: Naguib Mahfouz Restaurant, Cairo, Egypt.


She beckons with an appetizing aroma from street stalls in eastern countries, tickles the receptors with exciting notes of spices, pleases the eye with ruddy golden meat spinning on a spit. No, what you tried in our stalls is a completely different story. If you buy a tour to Egypt or the UAE and taste shawarma there, you will be very surprised. Tender kebab chicken meat, fresh vegetable salad, garlic mashed potatoes, and all this in a slightly fried pita bread. Amazing harmony of tastes, quick saturation, the possibility of a simple and inexpensive snack I don’t run – what else does a tourist need for happiness? Give me two!

Where to taste: Hashipudia, Jerusalem, Israel.


Eastern version of cabbage rolls, where instead of cabbage leaves, fresh grape leaves are used. This makes dolma a gastronomic gourmet drug. Under the juicy, slightly sour shell of the leaf, the most delicate minced lamb meat is revealed. In vegetarian variations, it is replaced with fresh vegetables, which is no less appetizing. Cooking dolma is painstaking work, it takes more than one hour to wind a dozen “envelopes”, and it is eaten in a few minuses.

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