Tour to Egypt: Soma Bay Resort Overview
Holidays in Egypt have long become a classic of the tourist genre. And each of the country's resorts is special. Today we will talk about holidays in the Soma Bay.…

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Favorite Turkey
Kemer is a Mediterranean resort in Turkey with a favorable climate and warm sea. It has an active holiday: surfing, diving, jet skiing, safari, snorkeling ... A tourist influx falls…

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Why are Egyptian pyramids considered a wonder of the world?
Tourists who went on vacation to Egypt, along with the opportunity to spend a vacation on the seashore, get a nice bonus - a chance to get acquainted with one…

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Drawing ideas: travels from famous films

Our favorite travel films can become maps, guides, and even life hacking sources. The Zen-knowing heroine of Julia Roberts taught us how to look for our way of life, no matter how far we had to go in search of answers. The fun company at Eurotour proved that you can become a traveler even when you don’t have a gold card in your pocket. Unrestrained old people from the film “Until I Played in the Box” are a great example of how to break away. And “Exchange Holidays” shows that sometimes it is important to change the situation.

What points should be noted on the map, if you decide to repeat the exploits of your favorite heroes – read on. For those who have not yet watched any of the films in the collection, we promise there will be no spoilers!

“Eat, Pray, Love” (2010)
In search of answers to eternal questions, the heroine of the film gets acquainted with cultures of completely different countries. During a tour to Italy, Elizabeth Gilbert meets emotional, welcoming people, learns to enjoy pleasant little things that she did not pay attention to before. New Delhi helps the girl find out her attitude to religion. A measured life in Bali makes you relax and gather your thoughts.

When you want to look at life from a new perspective, travel comes to the rescue. Crossing new borders and diving into the maelstrom of local life, you Crossing new borders with a foreign culture. Captivity is changing something in your own established way of life, and you return home completely different person.

Route: New York – Rome – New Delhi – Bali

Things to do:

– taste real Neapolitan pizza;

– enjoy the magnificent architecture of Italy;

– learn the wisdom of the monks;

– to spoil the elephant;

– ride a bike in Bali;

– find like-minded people in different corners of the earth;

– learn a new language.

Eurotour (2004)
Those who are determined to make a trip around the world, the film “Eurotour” will appeal. The guys do not have ideas how to arrange a memorable tour. Trying all types of vehicles, including hitchhiking, not being afraid to get to know the locals, try unusual food, take original photos, take risks and find out about the most evil places in cities is an excellent option for a large company. By the way, Jamie’s waist bag, which friends joked about, can really come in handy if you want to protect your savings and keep the necessary trifles at hand.

Route: Hudson – London – Paris – Amsterdam – Bratislava – Berlin – Rome – Vatican

Things to do:

– look into one of the traditional London football pubs to feel the British love for this sport;

– Learn a couple of sentences in French and start a conversation with the Parisians;

– take a walk along the flowering streets of Amsterdam;

– go through all of Bratislava in a day – from its border with Austria to the border with Hungary;

– taste the famous beer and sausages in Berlin;

– make an atypical photo with the Colosseum in Rome;

– learn from the guide what secrets the buildings of the Vatican hide.

“Until I played in the box” (2007)
The main characters – Edward and Carter – inspire with their fearlessness. These two daredevils decided to make their dreams come true when they realized that there was nothing more to lose. Although they did what many only dream of, friends strongly regretted that they had not lived like this before. Skydiving, racing at crazy speed, “marching” on the most beautiful corners of the planet, during which you learn in a few days more than in a lifetime – doesn’t it look like a dream?

Not everyone can repeat the journey of desperate heroes. But if you still dare to do this, approach Everest from Nepal, not China. Such a route will help save an immodest amount of money and avoid problems associated with Chinese laws.

Route: New York – Cairo – New Delhi – Shanghai – New York – Tibet

Things to do:

– visit the Egyptian pyramids;

– see the Taj Mahal;

– walk along the Great Wall of China;

– If you do not climb Mount Everest, then make memorable shots at the foot of the Himalayas.

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“Exchange Holidays” (2006)
The plot of the film is tied to the fact that the American business lady Amanda Woods and the British, working as an editor in the newspaper, Iris Simpkins decide to temporarily change houses. To change the situation, Amanda moves to the city of Surre, located in the south of Britain, and Iris goes to enjoy the California sun. The fate of the girls, the film itself will tell, and we will focus on life hacks.

Every traveler knows about the services with which you can find accommodation in another country. Airbnb and couchsurfing are now popular with tourists. These resources help you choose an overnight stay during your stay in another country. Using them is quite simple, because the sites resemble social networks that are designed for experienced travelers.

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