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Why we did not know this before: 7 rules for a perfect trip

Sometimes even a carefully planned vacation can be frustrating. That’s because there are 7 important travel rules that not everyone knows about. Fees for the weather, quickly made decisions, a suitcase “light”, a cash reserve for unexpected expenses, a minimum of gadgets, a suitable company and a positive attitude – that’s all the luggage with which it is worth flying to warm places. But what about a suitcase full of everything you need and your favorite laptop – you ask? Why you do not need them, we give answers in the article.

1. Be prepared for spontaneous relaxation
An accidentally caught last minute tour to Egypt or any other sunny country can forever change your idea of ​​vacation. It happens that you plan for weeks a long-awaited vacation, choose dates favorable on the lunar calendar, spend the night in the SPA-salon on the eve of the trip, and at the last moment you realize that you are simply exhausted from all these fees.

Learn to make a decision “right now” – and you will forget what stress is. If after watching “Eat, Pray, Love” you want to go to paradise in Bali, book the tour immediately, and not somehow the next summer. Wise travelers claim that a decision must be made in the time it takes to collect a suitcase – 20-30 minutes. Of course, for a sudden vacation you will need a certain amount of money. It will not be superfluous to start a piggy bank for such expenses, and right now, and not next Monday!

2. Do not ignore the weather forecast
Do not think that in the shopping centers of Rome you will find a raincoat without any problems, and in the wild outback of Thailand – sunblock. Rest will be at least uncomfortable if in the middle of autumn you go on a sightseeing tour of Europe with light T-shirts and shorts in a backpack. What are we alluding to? Daily weather forecast is your best assistant in training camps. In the world of modern technology, you can find out how long it will rain in Sri Lanka, how many sunny days June will bring in Sweden, and when a jacket should be taken to the Bodrum resort.

Do not neglect a couple of warm things. Pants, closed shoes and a long-sleeved shirt will not take up much space in the suitcase, but they will warm you on a cool evening, and the shirt will also save you from the scorching sun, if necessary.

3. Try to get by with hand luggage
A seasoned tourist will interfere in the backpack exactly so many things so that there is enough space for souvenirs and a “there-same-cheaper” mixer for mom. Returning to the previous point of the plan, coordinate your suitcase with the expected weather, but do not forget about the basic set for summer holidays:

swimsuit / swimming trunks, 2 pairs are possible – they won’t take up much space, but in countries with high humidity, where things don’t have time to dry, they will even help out;
shorts – 2 pairs;
sneakers (sneakers) – you can carry them on yourself;
T-shirts, T-shirts – 2 pieces each;
trousers are better than cotton;
light jacket – waterproof, or raincoat;
linen and several pairs of socks;
a hat and dresses – you can not take it: you will buy the first in the place, but you can go for shorts for walks and even clubs;
skirt – if you really want to remain feminine.

All these things and a travel kit of cosmetics / accessories for shaving will fit in a backpack without any problems. Moreover, they will be enough for a two-week trip. And if you have already filled your suitcase with evening dresses and accessories, think that you will not have time not only to put them on, but even hang them in the closet with the “beach-excursion-party-dream in the hotel” mode. And remember, your main goal is to relax, and not to pump up triceps, carrying suitcases.

4. Set aside money for a rainy day
Of course, there shouldn’t be a rainy day on vacation: the all inclusive system in most hotels, the ticket already paid back, free beaches and unlimited cocktails in the bar. It seems that every day of rest is just a pink dream. But, as a rule, there is always not enough money for something. Be it a sudden sale or a spontaneous trip to the club where your favorite DJ came – a small reserve on a bank card will cover extra expenses.

If you are afraid to spend the stash on the first day, exchange money for euros. Before your hand reaches for colored paper, you will remember that you need to look for an exchange office. This life hack works in countries outside the Eurozone, where the euro can be freely paid.

5. Arrange a laptop vacation
For people who travel with a laptop or tablet to another country at work – no complaints. Those who are aiming for beach vacations and parties, leave the gadgets at home. Yes, that would be better. No, you don’t want to watch a movie in the evening, you will be busy with more important things. Of course, uploading a photo will wait until you return, and social networks too. Do not tempt fate and your nerves by transporting the gadget on the plane, constant thoughts “what about my new working project without me?” and “I only 5 minutes – check the mail.”

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