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Excursions or the sea

May holidays are a great opportunity to relax and travel. Wherever you go, you have two options – enjoy the sunshine on the beach or explore the city’s surroundings. You can get on a deck chair, turning it to the sea, drinking cocktails, watching the colorful sunset and listening to the sound of the surf. But on the other hand, I would like to go on an excursion. Take a walk along the old streets, visit the remains of ancient ruins, take an atypical selfie with a monument and enjoy the mood of the city with might and main. Today we will consider the main advantages of both types of recreation, and you decide which one is closer to you.

Beach holidays at the top resorts
May is considered the beginning of the beach season in many countries. Travelers are actively planning tours to Egypt, Cyprus, Turkey and Greece, where the beaches are already flooded with solar heat, and coastal hotels have prepared for the tourist season.

The Red Sea is one of the main incentives to visit Egyptian resorts. The water in May has already warmed up to 25 ° C, and the underwater coral world with its colorful inhabitants attracts you to go diving. Egypt offers not only beach vacations and club nightlife, but also a lot of entertainment for kids. Water parks, children’s attractions, pools and mini-clubs – you won’t be bored, especially if the animator is entertaining the children.

Turkish resorts are also ready to welcome guests. The air temperature in May here exceeds 20 ° С, but the sea wind can make the evenings cool, so do not forget a couple of warm things, going to Turkey for the weekend.

Holidays in exotic countries
Those who have long dreamed of the tropics should send to the Seychelles. Coconut palms, white sand and reserves with rare birds – such a vacation can hardly be called ordinary. At the end of spring there is practically no rainfall, and the temperature stably stays in the region of 25 ° С. Against the background of pristine nature, a network of comfortable hotels and restaurants is developed here – a vivid example when the modern world is buried in the beauty of wild landscapes.

In the country of eternal summer – Dominican Republic – spring is considered the best time to relax. Heated water pleases heat-loving divers, and the absence of rainfall – those who want to see the surroundings. Going on a sea excursion, you will discover an unforgettable sight – flocks of humpback whales, which can be found off the coast in May. Little Dominican Republic has given the world many beautiful places. Los Aitises National Park with green nature, Jarabacoa or a mountain of waterfalls, shining coasts in the Costa del Barn and the Jaragua Marine Park are far from everything you need to see.

If you want something inspiring, plan a trip to Nepal. Buddhist temples were lost in the Himalayan mountains with their centuries-old wisdom and magical appeasement.

European promenade
When the craving for exciting legends, hiking and small street cafes woke up, follow the call of the heart and go to one of the countries of Europe. You can give preference as a tour of the most popular European cities, as well as individual trips to the selected country. The first option is suitable for those who have not yet been to Europe. After seeing many cities, evaluating their rhythm of life, cuisine, meeting local people, you can choose your favorite point on your traveler’s map and plan a summer vacation there, for example. If you decide to go to a specific country, get acquainted with its features during the spring break.

In the spring, traveling to the homeland of pizza and jeans (yes, not in America they created our favorite wardrobe item) will be much cheaper than in the fall months or the summer high season. Do not play with fate – take care of booking a tour to sunny Italy in advance.
If you want to feel the Italian rhythm of life, go on a tour of small towns. In the spring, in small villages there are many local festivals with wine exhibitions, gastronomic fairs that sell farm-friendly eco-products, as well as flower festivals.

In early May, Umbria celebrates Spring Day. Songs, a costume parade, traditional food, wine – having glanced here for an hour, you will not notice how you stayed until the evening.

German cities represent an ideal place for a comfortable life and travel. Convenient transportation with a clearly defined schedule, a cafe with signage for the price of top dishes right at the entrance, many parks where tourists walk and office workers relax, absolute cleanliness and helpful people. If you are planning an excursion to one of the ancient cities or suburbs, it is not necessary to plan a route. Wherever you go, magnificent architecture, traditional German houses, cobblestone streets and homemade pastry shops will meet you everywhere.

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