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7 amazing cities on the water

The title of the most famous city on the water tightly fastened to Venice. She is a treasure for travelers. But in the world there are many cities, surrounded by water channels, which are worthy of attention. It is about them that we will tell today. Perhaps some will compete with the Italian pearl.

Bruges, Belgium
This city, with its Gothic buildings, is underestimated by tourists. He seemed to freeze in the 15th century. Bruges is penetrated by canals, so a boat trip is a great chance to get to know him better.

The diver channel extends between the antique dealerships and the temple of Our Lady of Sorrows. The Grune-Rey canal is framed by trees, and the Spinolarei embankment has a bewitching view of the houses with beautiful roofs. Brugge is not in vain called the “Venice of the North.”

Bangkok, Thailand
This is not a quiet city, but a vibrant metropolis winking with lights, luring ads, the calls of ladyboys and the signals of auto rickshaws. Street vendors at every step are ready to feed you Thai noodles and offer souvenirs.

Walking around Bangkok, you will certainly find yourself on the banks of a picturesque canal. In the 19th century there were more waterways, and now they are preserved only in the Thonburi region, the jungle and the city center.

Canals are often used instead of roads. Long boats are a kind of “floating taxi” on which farmers, fishermen and tourists get to the right point in Bangkok. The 18 km long Saen Saib canal crosses the metropolis and is great for exploring local attractions.

Tigre, Argentina
To get to Tigre, you need to catch a train in Buenos Aires. The life of the town was subjugated by the Parana River, in the delta of which it is located. Instead of museums, the buildings in it are occupied by rowing schools and sports clubs. The embankments are equipped with metal railings and lit by old lanterns.

The city is located on tiny islands with fishing centers, campsites and pretty villas. Some canals are so large that you can sail on them on very roomy boats. Others barely allow small skies to pass and are framed by lush willow greens.

Annecy, France
Resting in France, it will be useful for you to know that she has her own Venice. This is Annecy. Illuminated by the sun’s rays, the water in the Annecy canals acquires a bluish-green color and resembles a sea surface. There are establishments on the shore, whose cooks amazingly cook fish. Here you can eat and listen to interesting tales that are told by locals. Administrative buildings and residential buildings are located on the islet of the Palais de l’Ille of the Tiu River, which resembles a triangle in shape.

Githorn, Netherlands
This is a wetland city near Amsterdam. In the 12th century, farmers built waterways here to revitalize trade. Centuries passed, but in Githorn, more than 6 km of canals, which pass under 150 wooden bridges, still remain.

Lush bright green lawns stretch to the water from the houses. Residents of the old part of Githorn still use boats due to lack of roads.

El Gouna, Egypt
The rapid development of El Gouna began in the 90s. Now it is a modern city, which is weakly associated with the pyramids.

Its canals are filled with the waters of the Red Sea, in the lagoon of which it is located. Hotels and villas are yellowish in color with desert landscapes. It is good that in the heat you can cool off on the adjacent beaches.

Vilkovo, Ukraine
This city of winemakers, canals and avid fishermen is located in the Odessa region, at the confluence of the Black Sea and the Danube. The old part of Vilkovo is built on the water and is convenient for moving on motor boats and peculiar “gondolas”.

Neat houses, small vegetable gardens and gardens. The waterway system occupies about 45% of the town. Here Novak grapes grow on silt and water. You can swim and try it on the go, tearing straight from the bushes. And in Vilkovo you can admire the nature of the Danube Biosphere Reserve and eat delicious fish soup.

Traveling helps to broaden one’s horizons, develop one’s personality and leave the maelstrom of routine. Cities in which thousands of people live with a minimum of soil under their feet are an occasion to plan an interesting tour. The world is huge, and it waits for you to discover all its corners.

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