Tour to Egypt: Soma Bay Resort Overview
Holidays in Egypt have long become a classic of the tourist genre. And each of the country's resorts is special. Today we will talk about holidays in the Soma Bay.…

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Holidays in Egypt for the New Year
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Which resort to choose in Turkey?
Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations among Ukrainians, which is not surprising, because almost all resorts in the country offer high-quality service, plenty of entertainment for every…

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Amazing borders between countries

We travel abroad to see the world, expand our horizons. But sometimes the border itself may be interesting. Let’s look at what interesting boundaries exist today.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic
During the long-term conflict, the territory of the island of Haiti was divided by two countries – Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The NASA satellite photographs show very clearly that the territory of Haiti is much drier, unlike the Dominican Republic, which struggled to preserve its forests.

Egypt and Israel
After the signing of the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty in 1979, a border officially appeared between Egypt and Israel. She is one of those that are very clearly visible from space.

USA and Russia
The Chukchi Peninsula is separated from Alaska by the Bering Strait, on the vast expanses of which are the islands of Big and Small Diomede. Just between them lies the US-Russian border line. These islands are also known as Tomorrow and Yesterday, since the time difference between them is 23 hours.

Brazil and Argentina
Iguazu is the stunningly beautiful waterfalls that have become the natural border dividing Brazil and Argentina.

USA and Mexico
The official border between the USA and Mexico is more than 3 thousand km. Along it are 4 American and 6 Mexican states. The most common intersection is the transition between the city of Tijuana, the Mexican state of Baja California and San Diego, California, USA.

USA and Canada
The border between the USA and Canada ran through rather interesting places. For example, the beautiful Niagara Falls has become a natural part of their border. Also, the Haskell library has long been known to the world. An LED strip is stretched on the floor of her reading room, showing the markings of the official state border. The length of the entire border is 8891 km.

Costa Rica and Panama
Everyone crosses the border of Panama and Costa Rica through a bridge that was built over the Syhaola River. It has only one lane for traffic, but serves as a crossing for cars and trucks, as well as pedestrians.

France and Italy
Two quite colorful countries – France and Italy, are separated by a border with a total length of 488 km. After the signing of the Schengen agreement, all procedures related to border crossing were simplified as much as possible. This is how their border looks from space!

Netherlands and Belgium
The Belgian city of Barle-Hertog and the Dutch city of Barle-Nassau are one and the same settlement through which the border line of the Netherlands and Belgium historically ran. For clarification, house numbers are written on plates with the flag of the country to which this house belongs. In this city you can see road markings indicating which side of the street is in Belgium and which is in the Netherlands.

Germany and the Netherlands
The border between Germany and the Netherlands has a rather unusual segment of the markup. This is a simple metal strip on the floor in a business center building. German and Dutch mailboxes are installed on both sides of the building, and police officers are also on guard. But a letter that was sent from the Dutch side of the building can sometimes reach the opposite German side for a whole week.

India and Pakistan
After a long conflict between India and Pakistan, a border line of 3,000 km appeared between them. Every day, before sunset, a pretty impressive ceremony takes place at the Wagah border crossing. It consists of a ceremonial parade of border guards (which takes place simultaneously on both sides of the border), a brief handshake of the soldiers and closing the border at night.

Pakistan and Afghanistan
The length of the border of these two countries is 2670 km. The long-standing border conflict has made it one of the most dangerous in the world.

Bulgaria and Turkey
In 2013, Bulgaria began the construction of the 274-kilometer Bulgarian-Turkish border. It is a 3.5 meter barbed wire fence. Thus, the Bulgarian authorities are trying to prevent the flow of illegal refugees from the Middle East and North Africa arriving in the country.

Sweden and Norway
The Swinesund Bridge is a 704-meter arched bridge separating the Swedish city of Stremstad from the Norwegian city of Halden. The bridge has 4 lanes for traffic and about 15 thousand cars pass on it per day.

England and Scotland
The length of the Anglo-Scottish border is 154 km. 27 km of the river Tweed shares the country’s North Sea. Gulf of Solway Firth is also located between neighboring countries and its southern coast belongs to England, and the northern to Scotland.

England and Scotland.jpg

China and Korea
China and North Korea are separated not only by a 1420-kilometer border, but also the Yalujiang and Tumangan rivers, as well as Mount Pektusan, which are part of it. Two neighboring countries connect many bridges, but…

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